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Tips to Handle Behaviours of Autistic Children

Caring for autistic children can be difficult, yet there are steps and actions that can be taken by parents of autistic children to help them deal with the situations that will arise. Children who carry this autistic disorder can start showing signs as early as age 2, and if ... read more

Understanding The Differences Between Aspergers and Autism

Autistic Disorder or Autism is a developmental disability that has a crucial impact on the normal development of the brain. It affects the cognitive portions that are significant for social integration and everyday living skills. People who suffer with Autism have deficits in the areas of social interactions and ... read more

Homeopathy For Autism

I have had great positive experiences using the many products offered by King Bio. As an avid researcher of autism and the parent of a child who was formerly non-verbal, our greatest cognitive leaps and bounds have been made with using a safe potency of homeopathic remedies. I cannot ... read more

Autism – Watching Your Child Slip Away – Part 1

“My husband George and I were ecstatic with the birth of our first child Robert. He was a lively, happy and an adorable child. His was also healthy, thriving and appeared absolutely normal. Then suddenly…at about 18 months…he went away…” Unfortunately, I have seen hundreds of families tell a ... read more

Modifying The Behavior Of Autistic Children

There are several programs that one can use in order to change the wrongful behavior of an autistic child. Most of them are actually based on the training of the child to act in a more appropriate way when in society. Temper tantrums should be fought as soon as ... read more

Finding a Doctor who Understands Autism

Even if bedwetting isn’t a challenge for you, finding a doctor who understands autism may be an obstacle you’ll need to overcome. Why? Unless a doctor has had experience with autism, it will be unlikely that they will be able to help effectively diagnose and treat the condition. Autism ... read more

Aspergers in Toddlers

Asperger Syndrome (AS), also called Asperger’s, is a disorder in the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) range. It is characterized by repetitive and restrictive patterns of interests and behaviors, and difficulties in social interaction. It is not as severe as some of the other ASDs because cognitive and linguistic development ... read more

Important Facts Involving the History of Autism

Although the history of autism likely began well over a century ago, autism wasn’t previously recognized as its own condition, it was originally confused with another mental disorder, schizophrenia. For many years, it was also believed that autism was the result of one, basic cause. Today, it is known ... read more

Why is Play Therapy Important For Autistic Kids?

Just like ordinary kids, autistic kids love to play and they love toys as well. Before commencing play therapy, we need to build up rapport and trust as well as to arouse their interest to play. Dad and mom are the most suitable persons to start with their children, ... read more

Signs of Autism – What are the Early Symptoms of Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder that causes developmental disabilities. It usually appears by the time a child is 3 years old. Autism affects each person differently in its negative effects on verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and even the ability to play. Some children with autism can be ... read more