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Radioactive Cat Litter

Cat box fillers made from absorbent clay account for approximately 95% of all cat litter. Although inexpensive, clay litter can be dusty and may encourage digging in the litter box releasing even more dust. What is so interesting or scary about these cat litter facts? Read on for a ... read more

Is Too Much Herbal Tea Bad for You?

Herbal tea has become sort of a culture in many countries. Compared to coffee, tea can actually be consumed in relatively large amounts without any risk. People who love it can average anywhere from 3 to 8 cups daily. However, there are associated adverse effects that come with tea ... read more

Tips on How to Take Care During Pregnancy

A mother has an ability to foster life. Even the birth of God on earth was not possible without the magic of a mother’s womb. For ages, we have heard many mythological epics about the incarnation of God on earth. It is the mother who shapes the life of ... read more

Complications of a Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

The most common problem with diagnosing a ruptured ovarian cyst is that the major symptom is similar to the occurrence of a normal cyst. This means that the pain is centered around the pelvic area. For most women, an ovarian cyst will develop without symptoms and disappear without the ... read more

How Does Rhodiola Rosea Help Us Fight Stress and Anxiety?

Rhodiola Rosea, also known as the Golden Root, is a native plant of arctic Siberia. This particular plant is a well known natural remedy against stress and anxiety. For centuries it has been used in numerous European and Asian countries to treat many illnesses. Some of the treated illnesses ... read more

Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Dry Mouth

Often, dry mouth is triggered by autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus. Other chronic ailments that are common among seniors, like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, also can dry out your mouth. In addition, anemia, anxiety, stress, and depression can slow saliva protection to a trickle. Radiation therapy and other ... read more

Leukemia 101: What You Need to Know About

Cancer in any form is a deadly disease. But when it affects the most vital components of the body then their fatality increases manifold. One such type of cancer is cancer of the blood, technically known as leukemia. Blood is the most important tissue of the body. It is ... read more

Drug Addiction Recovery for Pregnant Women

When a pregnant woman is suffering from drug addiction, the situation is more serious because the effects of drug use not only applies to her, but her fetus is facing danger as well. It’s quite likely that when the child is born, it will suffer from bad health from ... read more

Your House May Not Be Safe For Poodles

Your house should be a comfortable and safe place for everybody, even for Poodles and other animals. This is the reason why experts put strong emphasis on puppy-proofing the house. But one cannot truly create a safe place for his Poodles unless he knows what things or substances are ... read more